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Genius Midwifery Journal is an electronic journal published by Inspirasi El Burhani Foundation, Ciamis, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Genius Midwifery Journal is an open-access and scientific peer-reviewed journal published annually (February and August). The journal particularly welcomes studies that aim to understand the complex midwifery care interventions that employ the rigorous designs and methods appropriate for the research question of interest. 

The journal publishes original papers, reviews, and short reports on all aspects of the science, philosophy, and practice of midwifery care, especially in pregnancy, maternity, childbirth, neonates, infants, under-fives, and pre-school children, family planning, reproduction health, adolescent health, elderly health, maternal health, and child health.

It is aimed at all midwifery practitioners, lecturers, researchers, and those who manage and deliver mother and child health services and systems. It will also be of interest to anyone involved in the provision of midwifery programmes, the care of populations or communities, and those who contribute to mother and child health systems in any way.

Contributors to this edition come from Poltekes Kemenkes Surakarta, Muhammadiyah Sampit University, STIKes Medistra Indonesia, STIKes Muhammadiyah Cirebon, STIKes Muhammadiyah Ciamis. Happy reading!

Published: 2023-08-20
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